The Department of Metallurgical Engineering was established in 2011. The Department offers B.Tech. and Ph.D. programmes. The Department has 7 faculty on roll.


The Metallurgical Engineering Department plans to become a strong contributor to the College of Engineering’s vision of achieving measurable national recognition during the next five to ten years, and to become a premium Metallurgical Engineering program in the nation with national and international recognition in ten to fifteen years. It is clear, from all productivity measures as described elsewhere in this strategic plan, that the Metallurgical Engineering department is effecting significant and steady growth towards accomplishing its mission as described below.

“Excel in research and teaching in materials science and engineering and strive for technological innovations for societal benefits”


The Department’s mission is to “further strengthen the academic curriculum with regular revision and enhance our research efforts so that the scientific and technological output of the Department becomes a reflection of synergistic participation of students, faculty and staff to the best of their ability. We will strive towards creating a scientific environment which will be conducive to cater to the needs of the enquiring minds of our students and faculty so that technological innovations pour out and subsequently improve the quality of living of the next generations”.