The Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences (BS&HSS) started functioning as an independent department from January 2013 though it served as a supporting department since the college’s inception. It comprises Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Commerce and Economics sub-departments. All these serve as basic building blocks for all the engineering departments in the college.

The department has well qualified and experienced faculty members. The academic and research activities in diversified fields taken up by the members of the department are appreciable. The major areas of research undertaken by the faculty of the department are: Mathematics- Algebra, Lattice Theory, Operations Research and Mathematical Modeling; Physics-Nuclear Physics, Pure Physics and Solid State Physics; Commerce and Economics-Finance, Human Resource Management, Chemistry-Organic Chemistry, English-English Language Education-methods and materials, Cognitive Psychology, Language and Literature, Children’s literature. While the department has the credit of carrying out two funded research projects in Physics by DST and UGC one in Mathematics by UGC. The faculty members are active in guiding research even. All faculty members are involved in serious academic activities (doing FIP, Presenting papers, attending Workshops, examination work, qualification improvement courses).

Apart from practicing conducting classes rigorously, regularly and uninterrupted to inculcate good learning habits and professional culture in the students, the department holds monthly review meetings on students’ and teachers’ performances. In addition, the faculty of English, along with Mathematics, is putting in the best efforts to improve the communication skills and basic aptitude skills of students and also supports Placement Cell with in-house training activities.