New Year Message from Principal:

Today, Higher Education Institutes are at junctures and ranking issues are being raised everywhere. We must improve our infrastructure, laboratories, and computational facilities and do our best to provide more opportunities to our students. Today our infrastructure, laboratories and computational facilities are not comparable with the bests in India. We have to initiate more discussions between the academia and the industry. We need to enter into collaborations with industries and research laboratories. Every faculty member working in the institution has to strive continuously to become an effective teacher. In order to be recognized as a fully functioning academic, we have to devote time to both teaching and research equitably since the students benefit enormously from both. Often there are issues related to performance of the students. In order to analyze their performance we need to understand them. The students today, in general, strive for material well-being and they do feel against corruption. They are flustered by the inequality of the society, some of them feel acutely the ills of the society. The academic community has to accommodate and understand such differences and use the diversity to create a useful and humanitarian society where everyone finds themselves able to contribute and be useful. More we gain and grow as a society more we utilize our human resources.

The New Year will be unfolding, like a blossom with beautiful petals concealing the treasures pertaining the source of beauty within. Let us pray the Almighty that the year be filled with the events that are really good for the holistic development of the Institute. Let all the students perform well. Let all the faculty members, officers, and staff members grow on their career path. I wish each one of JNTUK University College of Engineering, Vizianagaram and her/ his family peace, happiness, and good health in the New Year 2020. Let us gain sufficient strength to help those who need our help and let us have the humility and openness to accept help from others.