ITYukta – National Level Student Technical Symposium – Dept. of IT

14th & 15th March, 2016

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  1. Mind Wave Control Robot in association with IIT Madras
  2. Discern your Lappy(A full pledged laptop troubleshooting)
  3. Hackathon


  1. Codechef coding event
  2. Googled(finding the required content using Google)
  3. Whats the output?(finding the output of code given)
  4. Bust A Bug (Debugging code in Python and Java)
  5. C 2 J(convert C code to Java )
  6. Innovatia(Combining latest technologies and giving new ideas)
  7. Honest Physics(finding physics laws violated in the clips shown)
  8. iQuiz(technical and non technical quiz)
  9. Paper Presentations
  10. Movie Mania
  11. Lan Gaming(multiplayer gaming through local area network)



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