The Women’s Empowerment and Grievances cell gives the education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all. The Women’s Empowerment And Grievances cell of JNTUK-UCEV, Vizianagaram understands the needs of the Women are an integral part of today’s society. They have an active social life. They participate in various social and cultural functions.  A woman today no longer lags behind the man in the most occupations.

        Further the students of our collage and the women in and around the campus are receiving the benefits related to the following issues: Women health, Women security, Women education, Women employability, Women in technology, Women in leadership, Women in politics, Women in leading innovations.


Executive Committee Members :

Dr. G. Swami Naidu

         Principal & Chairman WE&GC

Dr. G. Jaya Suma

         Professor & HOD of IT, Convener WE&GC


Smt. M. Hema

         Asst.Prof of ECE, Secretary WE&GC


Dr. V. S. Vakula

         Asst.Prof. & HOD of EEE, Joint-Secretary WE&GC

Smt. P. Aruna Kumari

         Asst. Prof. of CSE, Treasurer WE&GC

Smt. A. Padmaja

          Asst. Prof. of EEE, Member WE&GC

Dr. Ch. Neelima Devi

         Asst. Prof. of ME, Member WE&GC

Smt. B. Nalini

        Asst. Prof. of ECE, Member WE&GC

Dr. Ch. Bindu Madhuri

        Asst. Prof. of IT, Member WE&GC

Smt. M. Sowbhagya Lakshmi

        Asst. Prof. of Chemistry, Member WE&GC

Smt. S. Ganga Mani

        Sr. Asst. , Member(Non-Teaching) WE&GC

Events Organized:

  1. Inauguration of WE & GC and One Day Workshop on “AWAKENING WOMEN ” – 06/March/ 2014
  2. One Day Workshop On “SOFT SKILLS” –  30/ July/ 2014
  3. International Women’s Day – 2015
  4. One Day Workshop on “Women Empowerment” – 05/ March/ 2016
  5. International Women’s Day – 2016
  6. International Women’s Day – 2017